The McNeill Street Pumping Station
Preservation Society

About the Society 

The McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society is a non-profit corporation that was formed in early 1999 for the purpose of promoting and assisting in the preservation and restoration of the plant through conversion of appropriate portions of the plant into a technological and cultural museum. This will be coordinated with current riverfront development and tourism programs and the interests of the City of Shreveport for the protection of the site and for an improved quality of life for the citizens of the entire area. Since its formation, the Society has furnished volunteers to help begin clean-up and restoration

Board Members L-R: Conway Link, George Bakowski,Marilyn Joiner, Paul Williams, Cathy Williamson, Dale Ward (Executive Director)

 work, made public tours available by appointment, and worked with the City to initiate and coordinate planning activities. The Board of the Society consists of community leaders drawn from the ranks of architecture, engineering, academia, business, and the bar. As leaders of the Society, the Board is committed to undertaking the necessary planning, fund raising, staffing, and construction needed to make McNeill available for the enjoyment and education of community residents and visitors.

Join Us!

Membership in the Society is open to anyone interested in supporting the preservation of the McNeill Street Pumping Station. This unique place is too special to allow it to waste away and needs YOUR help to preserve it. An easy way to get started is by joining the Preservation Society. Dues are only $30 per year, and you get a snappy T-shirt with your membership! To join now simply print out membership application form provided here and mail along with a check for $30 to:

The McNeill Street Pumping Station Preservation Society
P. O. Box 957
Shreveport, LA 71163

If you prefer to talk to someone by phone you may call (318) 221-3388.

Help Wanted!

Our goal of converting the pumping station to an open-to-the-public museum and operating that museum will be expensive and require the financial support of the community. Society members and non-members alike can help by making tax deductible gifts to the Preservation Society. To find out more about how you can help with this worthwhile effort simply submit your questions using this handy on-line form.

We would be glad to answer any additional questions you have about the McNeill Street Pumping Station, it's history, the Preservation Society, and how you can help.  Inquiries may be submitted using the on-line form provided here.


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